Oral Surgery

Dental Oral Surgery

It might be required due to a number of reasons such as in a case of wisdom tooth, sometimes these teeth emerge from the gum line and the jaw is large enough to allow the space for the wisdom tooth, but most of the times the case differs. Most of the times when there is not a proper place for the wisdom teeth then it may cause certain problems like the swollen, severe pain in teeth, and infection on the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth. In worse cases, the impacted wisdom teeth can even damage the nearby teeth permanently. In such a situation, it would be best to consult a dentist or to go for a surgery.

Tooth loss may also cause oral surgery

Sometimes the dental implants or the surgeries are the only options left after a tooth loss. The implants are the tooth roots substituted that are surgically anchored in the place of the jawbone. The suitable candidates who want to go for the dental implants need to have an adequate bone level and dentistry. The gums and teeth should not be prone to the infection and they should be willing to maintain a proper and good oral health practices.

Unequal jaw growth

Many types of people suffer from several types of dental and oral problems some may be primary problems, which could be solved without any surgery or serious treatment whereas some may be serious problems, which may require surgical treatment. The unequal jaw growth inside the mouth is a problem in some individuals in which upper and lower jaw do not grow properly and in the same order. This may cause difficulty for them in speaking, swallowing food and even in breathing. Therefore, to correct such problems one should go for a dentist, as he would help them by providing the correct solution.