Panorex Kodak 8000

The Dental Emergency Room –as usual- loves to get the best result through the top rated US specialized Dental technology provider, in order to delivers the very best Dental Treatments possible.


The Dental Emergency Room uses the Panorex Kodak 8000; Digital Panoramic Imaging System.


Panorex Kodak 8000; Delivering consistent results, even in demanding, high-volume environments, this intuitive system enables us to capture and view digital panoramic images in seconds.

The Dental Emergency Room Technologies digital panorex kodak kodak8000


Kodak 8000 delivers fast and accurate panoramic dental X-ray images including: standard, pediatric and segmented, TMJ (2 or 4 views) and maxillary sinus. The adjustable focal trough ensures anatomically correct images each and every time.

The Dental Emergency Room Technologies digital panorex kodak kodak8000


Face-to-face positioning puts patients at ease, facilitating positioning and minimizing risk of movement.


The dental X-ray machine’s open design and motorized height adjustment accommodates patients of any size, including in wheelchairs patients.


We can add the power of “One-shot” cephalometrics to Kodak 8000 dental digital X-ray system to capture stunning cephalometric images in just over a second.