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Best Children's Dentistry in Edina


Our professional and experienced team of dentists at The Dental Emergency Room in Edina strives to formulate an environment that is not only welcoming but also kids friendly. Patients come in all ages and sizes, which is why we take the comfort of every one of our patients into consideration. This is particularly true for children especially is the child in question gets anxious about visiting the dentist. It doesn’t matter if the child is brought in for emergency care or a routine checkup and cleaning, you can rely on our ability to do everything in our power to ensure your kids' trust and have respect for good oral health.

Where to find the best Children’s dentistry in Edina:

We - at The Dental Emergency Room - hold a belief that kids should leave the dentists with nothing but pleasant experiences starting from a young age. We also believe that kids should be taught the proper way to care for their gums and teeth, which help to ensure they have a life filled with excellent dental health. Dentists at The Dental Emergency Room specialize in the various forms of children’s dentistry listed below:

• Preventive Care
• Overall teeth examinations
• Polishing and cleaning
• X-rays
• Extractions and cavity fillings
• Application of sealants to fissures and pits of teeth to help prevent decay
• Chipped or cracked teeth requiring crowns
• Orthodontic treatments and assessments
• Assessment and extraction of wisdom teeth

Basic Method to help protect a child’s teeth It is imperative to remember the Rule of 5 to 2. Only 5 meals should be had with water drank in-between those meals. This method aids the teeth in naturally fighting the effects acid, and sugar-filled foods have on it during the day. It is important to note that the number of times sweet, acidic and sticky foods are exposed to the teeth is what is imperative, not the quantity consumed
Children’s dentistery – Happy tooth


At The Dental Emergency Room, we understand that children sometimes fear or have anxiety about visiting the dentist and sometimes it can appear scary to undergo any dental procedure, particularly if it is one that is very involved. Fortunately, dental care at The Dental Emergency Room is one that is family oriented and has been designed to ensure that they have an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Our experienced dentists are up to date on the latest procedures and technologies that are sure to give your children the very best care.

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