Laser Treatment


Laser treatment offers patients a wonderful dental treatment experience. Dentists that use laser dentistry are enabled to offer a concise treatment which is extremely comfortable, faster and offers results that are stunning.



Laser treatment in Edina: How it works

This process is a seamlessly straightforward dentistry approach that is great for reshaping gums and improving muscle attachments as well as tooth decay treatments.
Laser treatment makes use of a thin beam of light energy focused on soft tissue and hard tissue.
Below are a few hard tissue treatments available:
• Tooth sensitivity improvement
• Cavity detection
• Dental fillings

Below are a couple of soft tissue treatments:
• Muscle attachments
• Gum reshaping
• Gum treatments
Laser treatment can also be effective in removing non-cancerous oral tumors, temporomandibular disorder treatments, whitening teeth and regenerating nerves. Laser dentistry at The Dental Emergency Room is capable of treating symptoms associated with sleep apnea, which helps patients get a better sleep at night.

Laser Treatment Benefits

Laser dental treatment at The Dental Emergency Room offers our patients numerous benefits like the following:
• Reduced downtime traditional treatments typically take longer for patients to go back to their normal routine, however, this downtime is greatly reduced with laser treatment.
• No use of anesthetics in treatments- certain people have preexisting conditions that make using anesthesia off limits. Laser treatment provides alternatives.
• Lower rates of infections- this is achievable as laser treatment is precise and that helps to lower the rate of developing an infection caused by bacterial growth.
•Generally, laser treatment provides a more pleasing dental experience, as it is able to ease a patient’s worries while offering a relaxing environment for people to have the proper dental treatments required for perfect oral health.

Does Laser Treatment involve any risk?

Other than the mild redness or soreness which can be alleviated with medications that can be purchased without prescriptions, laser treatments has very few side effects. This type of dental treatment is not only safe but also effective for almost every person. Special goggles are given to patients to protect their eyes from the effects of the laser while the treatment is being carried out. This helps to reduce their exposure to the effects the laser might have on their eyes.

To find out more on laser treatments available at The Dental Emergency Room, call our office and schedule an appointment for a customized intimate consultation with any of our dentists.
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