Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic) at
The Dental Emergency Room in Edina, MN.

What is root canal (Endodontic) Treatment ?

Treatment of the root canal consists of repairing teeth that have decayed badly or infected teeth. The procedure of a root canal requires a dentist to extricate the pulp and nerve material from a tooth, cleaning the tooth fully and then completely sealing it. The root canal procedure is one of the numerous services that are available to patients who visit The Dental Emergency Room in the Edina area.

Getting root canal treatment: Where?

Most dentists agree that it is most of the time best to save your teeth, if possible. What most people do not understand is that a tooth can still function properly without pulp or nerves. This basically means a root canal procedure can be an extremely effective method to preserve a tooth. Whilst undergoing a root canal procedure might not seem like a wonderfully exciting experience, this treatments is actually very widespread, and The Dental Emergency Room offers numerous sedation methods to help make a patient as comfortable and stress-free as possible while the treatment is being undergone.

Symptoms and Signs of root canal issues:
• Sensitivity to cold and hot food or drink
• Excruciating toothache
• Presence of an abscess on the gums
• Tenderness or swelling

Pertinent information concerning Root Canal Treatments

The vast majority of people are not aware of just how frequently root canal procedures are done. While an explanation makes the procedure seem painful, it isn’t any more uncomfortable than any other form of dental treatment. Newer sedation methods have been designed to ensure patients are in as little discomfort as possible regardless of the dental procedure undergone. A root canal typically requires 2 visits to a dentist. After the pulp and the nerve have been removed, the affected tooth is then sealed and patients are able to return to their regular routines almost instantaneously. There are instances where a crown is recommended to be put over a tooth that had the root canal procedure.

When to know if a rot canal treatment is needed

A patient needing a root canal might not realize it as sometimes no symptoms occur, however, there are a couple symptoms which bear the hallmark of a root canal:

• Discolored tooth
• A terrible toothache which gets worse every time pressure is applied to it
• Tender gums, or sections of gum around the tooth that appear swollen
• Extreme sensitivity to cold and hot food items.
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