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Best Sedation Dentistry in Edina


You don’t have to fret about your next dental visit when you visit The Dental Emergency Room in Edina. We offer numerous sedation services that cater to those that suffer from dental anxiety. This means patients need not worry when it is time to visit a dentist — the sedation dentistry services available help to make any treatment or procedure easier, stress-free, more comfortable and convenient. At The Dental Emergency Room, every dentist understands that some patients get anxious when they visit the dentist. For this reason, we have been able to provide a plethora of sedation dentistry options to ensure patients are kept as comfortable and stress-free as they can be during their visits.


There are a couple of varying sedation options available at The Dental Emergency Room. Prospective patients that suffer from dental anxiety are taken care of to ensure their visit is stress and pain-free. Below are the sedation methods offered at The Dental Emergency Room:

• Nitrous Oxide: commonly known as laughing gas, it helps to completely relax both body and mind for the duration of the dental visit. The gas is typically administered via a breathing mask by staff and ensures the patient is enveloped with a comfortable and pleasant feeling. While the patient is conscious during the full procedure, they are unable to experience any pain or anxiety. Most times, patients are unable to recall much from the processes carried out with Nitrous Oxide.

• Oral Sedation: this method is excellent for those patients that suffer from a more severe form of dental anxiety, dentists at The Dental Emergency Room can prescribe oral sedation like Ativan or Valium in conjunction with Nitrous oxide to provide patients with additional reassurance. Typically the medication is taken about an hour before the procedure, to ensure it is useful.

• Intravenous Sedation: this method is one that offers the fastest calming effects. IV session night is recommended for a better all round dental experience. This sedation method is administered via a vein and as such offers a quick-acting effect. Vital levels are monitored by our highly trained staff for the duration of the appointment.

Whichever option is selected, the highly trained staff at The Dental Emergency Room do their utmost to not only care for patients but also to offer a relaxing and stress-free visit. We at The Dental Emergency Room understand that some patients are averse to the discomfort associated with visiting the dentist, which is why we hope to provide them with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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