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Maintenance and Care of Implants

Implants can only loose its link to the bone and fail after successful fusing via two major ways. They include: Excessive biting forces or poor oral hygiene. Excessive force when biting can result from the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. It can also be the case if you have an inadequate number of implants to deal with the forces your bite generates. It's best to get the appropriate number of implants to avert this. Also, if you are used to clenching or grinding your teeth, its best to use a night guard to help safeguard your implants. After all, they are great investments that require protection for longer use.

Having a poor oral hygiene or not cleaning frequently can result in peri-implant which is a destructive bacterial infection. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily alongside professional cleaning can aid in averting this.

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The sooner you get emergency dental treatment, the higher your chances of saving your tooth. At "The Dental Emergency Room", we know that emergencies never happen at anybody's convenience - so keep our number with you, where you can reach us even *after-hours (612) 800-8008.

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