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Dental Restorations are the several ways a dentist can restore or replace missing teeth or lost portions of a tooth's structure. Some examples are crowns, fillings, bridges, dentures and implants.

Getting a Dental restoration in Edina: What are the various forms available?

Restorations as described above are the numerous methods a dentist can restore or replace missing portions of a tooth structure or a missing tooth itself. Tooth structure can become damaged due to deterioration or weakening of a prior restoration, tooth fracture or simply decay. Below are a couple of restorations procedures:

• Crowns are tooth-shaped caps which are fixed atop a tooth to help restore the tooth’s size and shape. It is also used to restore the tooth’s appearance, to keep a bridge steady or to conceal a dental implant. Teeth have to frequently be evenly reduced so the crown is able to be correctly restore the shape and size of the tooth. This process is one that is usually long and could sometimes involve a cast being made and then sent to the lab, with a temporary crown/filling made available.
• The most common form of dental restoration is fillings. Teeth can be filled with silver, gold amalgam, or teeth colored glass and plastic materials know as composite resin fillings.
• The term bridges refers to false teeth which have been designed to sit in the place of missing teeth, thereby bridging the gap. Bridges can be strengthened on both sides by crowns. They can also be permanently cemented into place.
• Substitute tooth roots are called implants. Implants are typically made from titanium or a mixture of titanium and another metal to form a small post which is then directly inserted into the jaw socket where the tooth is missing. Implants might require an attachment referred to as an abutment which helps to form a crown.
• Dentures are missing teeth replacements that can be removed. They typically consist of acrylic resin and are sometimes made with metal attachments. Full dentures replace the complete teeth set. Partial dentures are used when a couple natural teeth are still present in the mouth.

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