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Bad breath or halitosis is quite common. There will be at least one instance when each individual will have suffered from halitosis. Morning breath is an excellent example. This condition occurs due to the reduction in the flow of saliva during the night. This saliva is necessary for a fresh breath by clearing any bacteria or food residue in the mouth. Although this is a normal occurrence, it becomes a serious issue if the bad breath occurs consistently. The Dental Emergency room is available to diagnose any health or dental problem which requires treatment.

When you should seek Halitosis treatment

Determining if you have halitosis is a very difficult task. Since the unpleasant smell is coming from your mouth, your nose adapts to it as your normal breath. However, detecting halitosis is very easy with the help of a dentist. In addition to detecting halitosis, it is possible to also identify and receive the proper treatment for other forms of bad breath.

Causes of halitosis:

• Medications and illnesses which can lead to Xerostomia (dry mouth)
• Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes
• Poor dental hygiene
• Respiratory tract infection including sinus and lung infections
• Food items such as garlic and onion
• Gum (Periodontal)

The oral cavity is the origin of bad breath in various cases. Millions of bacteria reside in a healthy mouth. This is because the mouth provides the ideal conditions for their survival such as a warm and moist condition. Flossing and brushing both thoroughly and regularly help in flushing out food particles in the mouth. This prevents any foul odor from developing in the mouth.

Dry mouth can also lead to bad breath. Medications and illnesses which need radiation therapy such as Sjorgren's syndrome and diabetes can cause bad breath since they result in dry mouth. For individuals who suffer from halitosis due to dry mouth, an increase in fluid intake will solve this problem. A special rinse or artificial saliva are other options.

Why use ER for your halitosis treatment in Minneapolis and Edina

A visit to The Dental Emergency Room will help you identify and also properly treat any form of halitosis you are experiencing.

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