Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery is one of many dental services that we provide at The Dental Emergency Room.

Periodontal Surgery as a Dental Service

It is not compulsory that as we get old, we must lose teeth. If you maintain a great oral hygiene and have frequent professional oral exams and cleaning, there is a huge possibility that you will be able to keep your natural teeth throughout your life.
This has to do with not just taking care of the teeth alone, but the surrounding structures which include the supporting bones around the tooth and the gum. Gum disease, which is a form of bacterial infection can pose a threat to these supporting tissues.
This is why dental experts like ours are always in search of early signs that patients may not observe. When they notice signs of dangers, they may suggest periodontal surgery.

Periodontal Surgery in Minneapolis: What is it like

The surgery can take various forms but the aim is to bring diseased tissues to pock health. Gum or periodontal disease can move from the gums to the bone that offers support for the teeth. In most critical cases, it might even result in loss of tooth.
There are very efficient methods of dealing with this including deep cleanings or scalings that aid in eradicating tartar and plaque from beneath the line of the gum to surgical repair of bone tissue and lost gum.
Types of Periodontal Surgeries
Periodontal therapy consists of both none-surgical and surgical methods of restoring health to the tissues which support the teeth and avert tooth loss. The methods include:

Gum Grafting
This is done by taking gum tissue which is healthy from one part of the mouth and transferring it to where is required. It can also be done by utilizing laboratory-processed donor tissue.
Periodontal Plastic Surgery
When utilized in describing surgery, plastic has to do with any procedure for reshaping that develops a more appealing look of the gum tissues Periodontal Laser Treatment
Taking our diseased gum tissue using lasers can provide amazing benefits over traditional surgery. This could include reduced gum shrinkage and discomfort. Crown Lengthening Surgery
It is a procedure which tooth structure which is protected by bone tissue and gum may require to be exposed either to help in attaining a new dental crown or for cosmetic purposes.
Dental Implants.
Utilsing a titanium dental implant is the chosen method of replacing tooth today. It is fit underneath the gum line into the jawbone in a minor procedure. The implant is then merged to a dental crown which has a realistic look. The crown looks like natural tooth and is hard to differentiate.
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