Best Quality Dentures in Edina

The Dental Emergency Room offers your quality dentures which are custom made to suit your smile. Our specialized process provides patients with leading fit that is certain of lasting quality.
With the help of computer aided manufacturing and design, the production time is greatly reduced. This means you do not have to wait for long periods if you get your quality dentures from our establishment

Denture services, What are they?

Dentures are artificial gums and teeth that are formed to your mouth and developed by your dentist to replace removed or lost natural teeth. Dentures could be partial or full which means they can replace a few missing teeth or all the teeth on either the bottom or top gum line
Irrespective of the type of denture you require, they will be personalized to fit your mouth and match visually with your remaining teeth.

Types of Denture

• Conventional complete full dentures
• Implant supported dentures
• Overdentures
• Partial dentures flexible/traditional
• All-On-Four Dental implants
• Immediate dentures
• Snap-in dentures with mini implants

Custom dentures consist of costlier teeth which leaves you with a smile that has a more natural look. You will be able to see the new denture before it is finished. We customize the denture to suit your smile which makes it have a more natural look and suits your requirements.
You can also bring in a picture of the smile you wish to emulate and attain for your facial design. You will be able to view various teeth colors, shapes and shades. It will enable you select what has the most natural look on you.
With certain types of dentures, there are extra details to aid in stimulating a natural look. Some of these include:
• Gum shades including custom color choices
• Gum texture: we add ridges, carved gum and details to let it look like a natural gum line.

Why use The Dental ER for your Denture in Edina

We offer the services of professionals who have had vast experience in fitting quality dentures. Every patient’s denture is unique and is personalized to feel and look natural. Our experts are also available to teach our patients to know the kind of denture that suits them and talk about all the options so every patient can ask for the best choice for their individual requirements
For Quality Dentures related inquiries and consultations reach us at: (612) 800-8008.

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