Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at The Dental Emergency Room

Teeth Whitening

A visit to the Dental Emergency Room for Zoom teeth whitening ensures you can be confident about your smile getting whiter by 8 shades. This is an extremely reliable method to improve the way your smile appears without having to undergo a major dental procedure. This procedure can take place throughout a lunch break, which means everyone can have a wonderfully whiter smile. Home kit solutions typically take weeks for the process to come to fruition and the results may not even be as white as you want them.

How does Zoom teeth whitening function

a visit to The Dental Emergency Room to meet with any of our dentists have a consultation where your gums and teeth are evaluated to be healthy enough to undergo what is necessarily a cosmetic treatment. Should gum disease, an infection or a cavity be spotted, our dentists will move to treat any of these problems first to ensure your oral health is in good stead and also to help prevent any occurrence of unnecessary sensitivity. Once the all clear has been given for the procedure, the following steps are taken:

• The teeth are cleaned then polished to ensure on the clean teeth gets the whitening gel, rather than the buildup of plaque.

• The lips are protected with a special lip cream that helps to keep them from being irritated.

• A retractor is placed in the mouth to pull the lips back exposing the teeth.

• The dentist then advises you to bite down and place your tongue right on a cup attached to the retractor.

• A shade guide is consulted to help conclude on just how white the patient’s teeth should be

• Once a picture of the teeth is taken, gauze is placed in the mouth, with a bib put around the face along with protective eyewear being worn. This step does take a couple of minutes, as it is imperative to ensure that the teeth which are to be whitened is the only exposed area.

• A protective solution is then placed on the gums

• The whitening gel is then applied on the teeth and is brushed on in an even manner.

The special laser is then shone on the teeth to help activate the whitening solution. Typically this process takes around 15 minutes. During that time the dentist will thoroughly examining your teeth, reapply the solution if necessary and clean away the excess.

To know more if teeth whitening is for you, please contact us at the DER to schedule a whitening and cosmetic exam. We provide the highest quality service and the best grade materials. We will happily serve you to have the smile that you always wanted.
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