Bone replacement healing in previously abscessed tooth
Interesting healing!
April 5, 2017
Pink tooth
Good things happen to good people!
April 12, 2017
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Happy ending!

Chipped teeth

Broken upper front teeth due to an accident.

Teeth break just like anything else, but it takes a ‘perfect fall” to break only the crowns without affecting the roots or shattering the broken pieces. When you do everything right after accident ” looking for your teeth pieces and places them immediately in saliva in the mouth ( the best choice if you can reach to emergency dentist in a short time.) or in cold milk (the second best choice like what this lovely patient did.)  you will have a very satisfying result. Off course more treatment will be needed after the initial visit. Have a nice smile ?

Chipped teeth

Broken upper front teeth due to an accident.

Fractured teeth

Immediate re-attachment for teeth fragments that the patient brought with her.

Broken crowns with no roots or bone fractures

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